2017 Mood

Hello All, welcome back! Thanks for tuning in! In the new year I wanted to make it a goal of mine to make more content for this blog. So, here we go! This year I have been really inspired by quirky, whimsical fashion. I’ve been drawn to subdued pastels and very feminine details as well. I wanted to share a little outfit and room arrangement that I (accidentally?) crafted with this aesthetic in mind. I really feel that I will be carrying this throughout the year. 

Let’s start with the bedroom:

I absolutely love this cozy, antiquated floral pattern paired with some plain old white string lights. I have some white and black appliqués my mom found. I thought just popping them anywhere up by the lights was nice. 

Here we get a closer look at my side table. I have a little porcelain dish all my earrings go to at the end of the day. I like to keep all my notebooks, magazines, pens and pencils close by for any journaling or before bed reading. My favorite part of this however is of course of  beautiful, Bally poster. 

My pride and joy of my room has to be the shelf above my closet, this is certainly a nightmare for minimalists. I love all the pink and cute little knick knacks strewn about. I have a pink seashell dish that holds all my earrings in addition to the gray stand that also holds earrings. (I definitely have an earring problem) All my favorite perfume is housed right by my mirror. Gossip girl holds such a special place in my heart so I had to showcase the  collection right in the middle. The little teapot house I picked up at Goodwill along with the party hat. 


Yesterday was quite a lazy but, good day! It was gloomy and cold and I just wanted to be curled up inside, drinking coffee and listening to some tunes. My outfit is very reflective of that. I am wearing a waffle weave cream sweater layered on top of a plain blue button down. I decided to tie up the sweater because to be honest, it is full of holes. I lounge in this non stop, also i can’t get rid of anything. My bottoms are gray, fleece leggings that I live in. These leggings are the warmest thing I own, and that makes it pretty impossible to take off. I kept it pretty casual and paired this ensemble with a pair of cream flats. I added some details to make this look as sweet as can be. The daisy earrings really dress this up along with my monogram necklace. My final touch being some freckles I dotted across my nose and cheeks to give this a more innocent vibe. 

Hope you all enjoyed this little peak into my year thus far! I cannot wait to play a bit more with this aesthetic and make it my own. More to come soon, comment below with your thoughts! 



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