Valentine’s Day Q&A 

Valentine’s Day was never something I gave much thought to, single or dating. This year I was really drawn to it just based on pure aesthetics. I love the cheesiness, the absurd amount of hearts, pinks and reds decorating everything! It is precisely what I am into right now, quirky, sickeningly sweet vibes. I thought for this blog post I would post some V-day outfits I put together to celebrate the aesthetic of this holiday. I tossed in a little fashion Q&A so my readers could get to know me a little better. Let’s dive right in!
what do you want your style to say about who you are? 

Feminine, classy, put together, and playful.

who inspires you? 

Tons of bloggers. Marzia was one of the first people that I really looked up to and would try to emulate her style in my own way along with aclotheshorse.

What is your favorite store to shop at? How would you describe the overall vibe?

Gabes or Goodwill. Messy and all over the place which makes treasure hunting tons of fun.

What are the first items you gravitate towards while shopping?

Dresses mostly or anything with a quirky pattern.

What items do you repeatedly wear?

 Jewelry. I’ll have some favorites I get stuck on and try to pair them with any and everything 

How does your style fit into your lifestyle? 

I dress for how I aspire to live, not necessarily for the current lifestyle I have. Either way fashion is a priority so I am always willing to make it work. 

If you could raid anyone’s closet would it be? 

Definitely Marzia.

Picture yourself in 3 years what are you wearing? 

 I am wearing black loafers, high waisted straight legged jeans, a crisp white button up with black cat eyes sunnies.

What’s the best name for your personal style? 

Quirky Feminine 

i hope you all enjoyed delving into my style a bit more along with my V-day inspired outfits, I really enjoyed playing up those romantic feels!

until next time, Prettyyearling xoxo

-Q&A questions found here on Pinterest-


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