Wendy Torrance


Hello All,


Welcome to the first of many posts of my fashion blog. I am very excited you all will be embarking on this journey with me into the complexities of fashion in reference to society and our ever-changing culture. I am using this blog to create critical think pieces that question the self-centered trends we encounter on the daily, as well as explore the impact of social media,  a which has bred the model-meets-girl-next-door and all the different shades and styles this new brand of celebrity entails. Okay, yes? —Enjoy.


Now, on to something light and fun to start off…

If you are on the East coast, you will notice an abundance of the white stuff— fun for the first few days until cabin fever begins to take hold, to the point where organizing your closet by pattern, color, and season seems like a good use of your time. This is especially true when you find yourself stuck in Shepherdstown, W.V., the dumping ground of the bulk of Winter Storm Jonas’ snowfall, out of the entire United States… nice. For our small town this is quite an accomplishment.


It didn’t take me long to realize that my town began to take on the eerie vibe of a certain Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining. Even though I don’t have a delusional, writer-husband chasing after me with an axe, I still found myself nervously looking out the window. I’ve also been haunted even more in the witching hour by this lovely Vine.

–This Vine is actually one of my favorites and furthered my inspiration for this post.


In light of my recent blizzard-induced delirium and snowy surroundings, I decided to do an outfit inspiration of Wendy Torrance, by actress Shelley Duvall. She plays Jack Torrance’s shy, timid, (slightly disturbed?) wife. The character being drenched in meekness also presents a very haunting beauty, dawning true 70’s flare. In a very famous scene from The Shining, “The Bat Scene,” Wendy is seen to be wearing a green and oatmeal colored flannel, with a camel colored overalls (actually an overall dress). Even if she is crying hysterically and weakly swinging a baseball bat, she looks great. In my own cabin-fevered state, I wanted to bring a little cinematic flare to the third snow day of the week. So here we are!


For my take of Wendy, I wore a green, cream, and brown flannel tunic over a taupe sweater to capture Wendy’s layering that I adore! I then threw on a camel belt to cinch up my waist to give myself more of an hourglass figure. Because this look needed to be practical for the elements, with our  43” inches of snow covering my surrounding area, I paired dark brown leggings with green over-the-knee knit socks along with my knee-high brown boots. With all these layers, I ended up staying very warm while walking about the slick roads with my coffee, getting along just fine.


Signing off for now, xxx


6 thoughts on “Wendy Torrance

  1. I love this! I’m needing some flannel desperately, and your writing is so eloquent. I’ll be watching for the next one, babygirl ❤


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